Wolverine Summer Invitational-July 28

Wolverine Summer Invitational, July 28

USAW Sanctioned Olympic Weightlfiting Meet

Qualifier for the American Open Series 3 in Las Vegas. Entries will be capped at 60 lifters. No entry totals. Warmup hall is equipped with Werksan equipment. All lifters will receive a meet T-Shirt. Head over to eventbrite to register!



Tentative Schedule (athletes with the higher entry total lift in the later sessions):

Session 1: Weigh-in 6:00AM/Lift 8:00AM, men

Session 2: Weigh-in 9:00AM/Lift 11:00AM, women

Session 3: Weigh-in 12:00PM/Lift 2:00PM, men

Session 4: Weigh-In 3:00PM/Lift 5:00PM women